L’Ecosystème du cabinet de conseil indépendant Ethics Group

L’engagement sociétal du cabinet de conseil Ethics Group.

The agile and performing company which lives within its time and is a great place to be. The company that undertakes its social responsibilities in an ethical way.
Manage with simplicity.

Placing simplicity at the heart of management brings enhanced social performance. Enhanced social performance brings more collective productivity ...
Reduce multi-layered hierarchical structures

Verticalisation of organisations and the addition of more hierarchical layers increases the inertia of businesses that today need to be flexible in order to respond to the demands of the market
Candy Crush ?!

What is the meaning and value of the unnecessary which can occupy so much space!
Building the factory of the future together

Europe, France and the Midi-Pyrenees region are all involved in this ambitious and highly incentivised program where much is at stake: the Factory of the Future Plan, to create an industry which is 100% effective...
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8th September 2016 at 2 PM

An exceptionnally sharing and unprecedented day to reinvent our organizations way of working in tomorrow's world.
Le Storytelling d’Ethics Group
Des solutions sur mesure pour agir avec simplicité et agilité
The Good Company : L’innovation managériale
La philosophie d’Ethics Group
Conseil stratégique, en management et opérationnel
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Succeed with simplicity in a complex world. It’s about making simple something that is obviously complicated whilst preserving its values and ethics! This, in a few words, is the foundation of our business.
To look at the business from another perspective in order to remove it from conformity and to avoid the pathway that is not adapted to the rapid evolution of today’s society. A subtle mix of questioning, common sense and agility combined with simplicity!
The business of today and tomorrow demonstrates common sense by integrating emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and management by skills and processes into its governance.
If change is due to the initiative of the majority, it is no longer an enforced change that is to be endured. It subsequently becomes a fundamental shift that is part of the corporate culture. Customs and habits are questioned with subtlety and simplicity.
Social intelligence, social performance, social responsibility, so many expressions that emphasise our collective and individual responsibility in building our society. A starting point to give meaning and value to work…L’intelligence sociale, la performance sociale, la responsabilité sociale, autant d’expressions qui insistent sur notre responsabilité collective et individuelle dans la construction de notre société. Un point de départ, redonner du sens et une vertu à la valeur travail...
Means of communication are totally overwhelmed with the arrival of new enhanced technologies, the arrival of Generation Y and access to information. Due to effect of volume and frequency, we risk losing the thread of quality and relevance
The need to innovate becomes the key to success. Innovating is anticipating, developing new ideas, seeking the creativity of as many people as possible, escaping from all conformity and preconceived ideas. Innovation is a process that goes beyond the boundaries of the organisation and specialisms...
Anticipating the versatility of markets, the evolution of ecosystems and socio-economic environments evolution by exploiting all available information. Economic intelligence and business intelligence in order to have actionable intelligence at the heart of the business.
Use all available information to accelerate movement, decision making and business success with an information system which is based on process and which is open to accelerated digitilisation of information flows.
Continually look for optimisation and simplicity in the operational running of the business in order to have greater efficiency and simple use of a performing process. Empowering individuals within their activity and the creation of added value are key points.

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