Get involved in the world of tomorrow

To respond to the upheavals that our organizations are experiencing today, we have implemented a set of solutions built on over 25 years of experience. Concrete solutions to drive and support your transformation. Choose an offensive, non-conformist and concerted strategy by selecting the offer that suits you.

Because tomorrow is won today!

Colidée accelerates your resilience thanks to collective intelligence!

Are you an elected official, a technical services director, a leader, or a member of a community? Adopt multimodal concertation to give a new democratic impetus and help the success of projects having a common interest.

Are you the director or manager of a public or private company? Push a new form of leadership and governance for a new economic and social momentum.

There are no coincidences, but only appointments!

ETHICS Village reinvents workspaces for a new way of distance working

Do you believe in a more participative and cooperative way of working that relies on collective intelligence and benevolence? Then come and be inspired, come and visit this emblematic third place, come and experience a different type of business.

Immerse yourself to discover another world!

Our academy teaches, coaches and trains for a new form of leadership

Whether you are an executive, manager, operational, start-up, independent, transformation facilitator, consultation facilitator, in transition, retraining or looking for work, come and widen your circle of influence individually and collectively and develop your “networking” thanks to the “The Good Company” academy.

Our (re)deployment centre supports the mobility of all talents

Whether you are an executive leader, HR director or human resources manager, use our skills in psychology, sociology, human resources, management, entrepreneurship and our digital applications to support teams and individuals with their mobility, recruitment and integration with efficiency, simplicity and agility.

Accelerator of concerted transformation for organizations and territories

An independent company with a social and environmental mission

Decree n°2020-1 of 2 January 2020

We are committed to helping you achieve your goals

Consolidating market share

Developing sales

Developing territories

Reducing costs

Optimizing investments

Increasing profitability and cash flow

Simplifying operation

Improving agility and innovation

Strengthening collective work

Fostering social relationships and well-being

Revealing talents and shaping futures

Facilitating social dialogue and consultation

Mastering the extended enterprise and the supply chain

Driving growth and mergers / acquisitions

Succeeding in public utility projects

AWith the Covid-19 crisis, to transform oneself is to adopt the paradigm of the next world which relies on the collective intelligence and benevolence of Mankind for social and environmental missions.



Live the impermanence

Innovating, reinventing oneself, adopting concerted governance, creating new working spaces, teleworking and consultation spaces, questioning one’s strategy and economic model, mobilising and redeploying resources, recruiting, putting technology at the service of people… in the footsteps of “The Good Company” with inspiring leadership.










Very small enterprises, SMEs, large private or public groups, local authorities… We are ready to accompany you on the road to success

Simplicity2Succeed, the Market Place to meet the challenge of tomorrow’s world

Let’s connect through ideas and live in a network with ourselves, others, the world and nature