In Governance

Transforming, adapting or making corporate governance more reliable

Today’s and tomorrow’s organisations show common sense by integrating emotional intelligence, social intelligence, consultation, talent development and processes into their governance. A sustainable, decentralised and agile governance model that is as close as possible to the issues in the field. By integrating these 3 dimensions into the governance of the organisation, a real transformation can take place, with a strengthened, responsible and creative collective at the end of the day. An enthusiastic and motivated team with the idea of building the road to success in an emotional and rational context that means something to everyone. Governance must be “restored” to the essentials of the future with clear-sightedness and simplicity. This is what we propose within the Simplicity Boxes in this category.


Clarification of the company’s added value to society as a whole

« Publish its “raison d’être” or reason for existing »


Diagnosis of the governance, management, culture, values and maturity of the company or public body

« Becoming aware of who we are »


Determination and/or consolidation of the shared vision of the company: issues, objectives and the way forward

« Setting the course »


Support for the definition of various policies (CSR, HR, health, safety, environment, quality, industrial…)

« Sharing convictions »


Transformation of strategic objectives into operational objectives in the company’s processes

« Embarking the collective »


Analysis of the functioning of the company or the local authority and its processes at the level of granularity necessary for successful operational management

« Working together »


Adaptation of the organisation: structuring, reduction of hierarchical levels, job descriptions, mission sheets, etc.

« Releasing energies »


Adaptation/definition/implementation of governance, process-based management principles and steering tools

« Animating the collective »

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