Why does Colidée, a digital consultation platform, make sense in today’s and tomorrow’s world?

An essential support to strengthen its resilience and adapt to new social, environmental, and economic requirements.

Improving our family life after lockdown, creating solidarity services in our neighbourhoods, animating citizen’s reflections for their town, rethinking local mobility, organising tele-working, reinventing work spaces, rethinking the education system, rethinking social and environmental missions, rethinking the economic model, rethinking social life, questioning our acts of consumption, thinking about the world of today and tomorrow… Topics of collective interest and solidarity actions flourish on the concertation platform!

Colidée allows you to share and grow all your ideas to find solutions impossible to imagine alone and accelerate their implementation. A tool at the service of solidarity actions and projects that engage a collective on a common path and for the general interest.

I have brought together all my community neighbours in a digital consultation space with the intention of improving our life together. After a small flyer was dropped in the shops and schools of the neighbourhood, I saw an incredible number of ideas suggested. It was unimaginable before. The meetings originally planned as part of the traffic plan were supposed to bring together 15 citizens. With Colidée we gave the floor to all the inhabitants of the town!” says Sandrine, a citizen of a district of Saint SIMON, humbly.

“I was used to using this tool in my professional life, but I had never tried it as part of a citizens’ initiative. I realized how powerful it was and also that everyone’s ideas were not shared enough. Since this consultation, quick solutions have already been put in place to improve traffic and safety in the neighbourhood. Other, more significant, and structured ideas are under consideration. Combining the experience of users and the expertise of municipal services is a guarantee of effectiveness in order to see concrete and relevant solutions emerge.

“The most exciting thing is all the links that have been created between us. It’s an experience that needs to be repeated to drive this dynamic of cooperation in the neighbourhood.”

Like Sandrine’s, public and private initiatives are multiplying on the platform. More than 30,000 ideas are already being exchanged on this different kind of French social network.

Colidée makes it possible to create a new type of social dialogue, within a company or an organization, by making it possible to create very simply spaces to collect ideas, to create communities of interest, to sort, “like”, engage, follow, pinpoint, analyze ideas…

All actors participate in the emergence of solutions that satisfy the general interest by creating a sense of belonging and ownership.

When we launched the consultation on ETHICS Village, our new head office, we wanted to give a soul to our new workspace. For about a year, all the employees of ETHICS Group worked together to design this workspace in terms of its organisation, functioning, structure, decoration, tools, image, functions, digitalisation, etc. until its inauguration with all our partners. We have imagined it as a real third place to welcome young companies as well as other more mature companies at our side. Today, 3 years later, the ETHICS Village has become a third place for transforming organisations and territories. In addition to the employees of our group who flourish there, some twenty mature companies or startups experience it. Every year, more than 2,000 people come to visit, be inspired, and appreciate this unique soul and culture. An emblematic place for The Good Company movement. A source of pride for all of us!” explains Thierry PEDELOUP, founding president of ETHICS Group, with enthusiasm.

“The consultation that we were able to lead with Colidée proved to be extremely effective for this long-term project. It was the collective intelligence of our team that spoke. Today, the ETHICS Village is evolving continuously and always in consultation. In July 2020, it was further developed with a new immersive transformation space for citizens and organisations, reinforcing its role as a third place and a teleworking space for companies in resonance in the context of the unprecedented crisis”.

In addition, because the consultations are initiated by inspirational or grassroots leaders, are close to the issues and are open and accessible, reliable, and transparent, all participants are active and useful.

There is no hierarchy in consultation forums. Everyone can be a contributor and actor of progress. Everyone is enriched by the ideas of the others, can follow the evolution of the reflections, and participate in the concretisation of the participations.

The resulting benefit is a relationship based on trust which, in turn, will further mobilise and strengthen the collective dynamic. It is a way to better live the incessant evolutions of one’s ecosystem or organization without being confronted with power games.

With Colidée, which I discovered through my work, we have launched a real consultation throughout our organization for its cultural and managerial transformation. I was a bit sceptical at the beginning, but I was impressed by the general commitment. After aligning ourselves with common sense, with our “raison d’être” and with our missions at the heart of our management committee, we extended our thinking in successive concentric circles to all employees,” says Philippe, President of a 300-person air transport company. “The employees naturally became involved and at our annual staff convention, more than 400 very pragmatic ideas were captured with Colidée, and the momentum was given“. Subsequently, for almost a year, the organisation continued its consultations to establish its strategic plan with the ideas of all its employees. “It was a rich learning experience regarding the capacity of collective intelligence required by the consultation and the indispensable support of Colidée” concludes Philippe.

In Colidée, all the tools are there, within everyone’s reach, to analyze trends, gather related ideas (semantic and proximity analysis algorithms), search (advanced search engine, sorting, classification, tracking system), poll (survey and quiz tool), vote and evaluate, and finally make the right choices in the common interest.

It is also possible to follow consultation spaces (notification of participation) and other contributors, called “Colideurs”. It is also possible to follow the ideas, assessments, and commitments of each person, but also to get in touch directly on fundamental subjects within the limits of the level of confidentiality chosen by each person.

Colidée is translated into English and allows everyone to benefit from a real-time translation of all contributions in French, English or German. “This is one more way to facilitate the collection of ideas. Everyone can express themselves in the language of their choice. The language barrier is therefore removed in order to obtain very precise entries” says Mark, a consultation facilitator for a major industrial group.

Colidée communicates in a responsible and reasoned way to keep each Colideur informed and helps to acculture them via a personal news feed and the editorial line integrated into the social consultation network. Nothing intrusive, but everything to stay connected by ideas and live in a “network”. Everything you need to get accustomed to the principles of consultation and to reap all the benefits.

Colidée relies on all the fundamentals of consultation and transformation to organise, structure, animate, analyse and synthesise projects carried out using collective intelligence in extremely varied contexts. “The tool itself evolves in constant consultation with all of the ETHICS Group’s skills in organisational transformation and consultation,” adds Clémence, who is responsible for leading its development.

“It’s quite simple, all the organisational transformations that I support are carried out with the support of Colidée, which enables us to put all the stakeholders in a constructive and progressive spirit. It’s a good way to accelerate and above all build a shared vision of the future. It may come as a surprise, but I have never seen any resistance to the tool, which is easily adopted without any prior training. What’s more, we don’t present it, we use it! ”says Marie, transformation facilitator. The key point is the facilitator or guarantor of the consultation. He or she is the one who has to organize the themes submitted for consultation with meticulousness and relevance. A well-structured consultation space is a guarantee of success and onboarding”.

Stéphane, governance and transformation facilitator, considers Colidée to be the indispensable tool for concerted governance. “The Colidée consultation platform is an essential tool for breaking down the verticality and silos of the organisation in favour of collective intelligence. It is a very effective way to stimulate exchanges between different profiles, experiences, stories and specialities on different company themes. In this way, trade-offs are replaced by co-construction, always in a positive and progressive spirit. Ideas are spread throughout the organisation and grow in a dynamic of sharing, intensive reflection and co-innovation at the collective level with the possibility of opening consultations to all stakeholders. It is therefore also a means of accelerating the company’s development by strengthening its proximity to all its partners. Colidée is essential to concerted governance, which is itself indispensable for giving a new impetus to the organisation to enter the 21st century and accelerate its transformation”.

Colidée is a digital platform supporting the transformation of organizations and territories. It is an ideal place to exchange and mobilise heterogeneous skills, at any time, over an appropriate time period and with the same objective. Ideas and innovations do not automatically emerge on command in a meeting nor in the mind of a single person. Thanks to its multi-platform version, Colidée can collect all the ideas via a smartphone, tablet or computer at the time of a meeting in a dedicated physical or digital (word café, open forum, hackathon…) time or outside of any animation. No one is isolated and no idea is ignored.

In its use, Colidée allows you to break with traditional habits by introducing another way of acting together, freeing you from the constraints of an overly rigid organization. A support to lead a concerted transformation and gradually introduce a new culture of living and building together with substance and meaning. A way to unite and bring together teams around a common ambition.

“We wanted to overhaul our governance in our Société Cooperative, which has 3,500 employees throughout the territory, in order to give it a new impetus and develop a collective which had evolved with several external additions. Our objective: to rebuild a new leadership ambition and achieve a cultural integration within our organisation. The challenge was considerable. We therefore launched a vast, concerted transformation plan within our organisation in line with the movement of “The Good Company” with its 9 fundamentals. The entire managerial line was progressively introduced into the consultation with the support of Colidée. A real acculturation has taken place, not without some difficulty as traditional habits have been shaken up” admits Thomas, president of a telecommunications company. “We have collected more than 1,000 contributions in Colidée to become players together, to define the principles of management and organization and to anticipate the evolution of our group. In the same vein, we have also built our new head office in consultation with Colidée”.

Colidée accelerates projects in a remarkable way. By leading a consultation in a plenary meeting or by videoconference, the theme being well posed and structured, it is possible to gather several hundred ideas in one hour. Ideas that call for others, ideas that complement each other, ideas that reinforce each other, ideas that stand alone. In this way, everyone becomes an actor and contributor in a field of transparency. So, ideas are born and support for projects is strengthened.

During the economic conference for the Toulouse metropolitan area’s employment recovery plan, more than 200 concrete ideas were captured in Colidée in 40 minutes in a videoconference bringing together a hundred or so economic players from all walks of life,” says Jérôme, a trusted third party in the consultation. “A real accelerator in this period of great urgency that calls for great responsiveness while building a real consensus,” he adds.

Assigned to draw up this economic recovery plan for employment, I could not have conceived it without consultation with the economic players. With Colidée and the support of a videoconferencing tool, we managed to hold two consultations in record time during a period of lockdown. An enrichment for all with more transparency and proximity. It is true that politicians are generally apprehensive about consultation. In the end, none of them slowed me down and the results clearly showed the value of such an approach. Colidée enabled us to gather everyone’s ideas during our meetings and during the week following each of these meetings, before concluding with a summary made available to everyone,” adds Dominique, a political leader in a metropolitan city. “The recovery plan is, in the end, the product of good, shared work“.

Colidée’s uses continue to multiply, as the strength of collective intelligence is a precious asset for the success of ambitious projects in the private or public sphere and in the personal or professional sphere.

  • An association that coaches young graduates to help them find a job has brought together all its partners and coaches to consult with Colidée in order to improve the follow-up of its sponsorships and find the best ways to support its sponsorees in stress management, self-confidence and self-confidence. “During this evening, punctuated by times of information, inspiration and consultation, we received nearly a hundred contributions, and at the same time, we forged links between all the players who did not necessarily know each other. Now they are also connected by ideas with Colidée and our team has been able to improve its practices thanks to everyone’s ideas. The team has been able to improve its practices thanks to everyone’s ideas,” says its Regional Director.
  • A public agency has brought together all its employees nationwide in a digital consultation with Colidée on improving air quality. More than 300 people took part in a “major air quality experimentation project”.
  • A national bank used Colidée to reflect on the organisation and operation of its head office during its total renovation. It was also used as part of its transformation plan and in the spirit of “The Good Company”, that its team worked with the social consultation network. “A transformation brought about by the digital environment and the arrival of new disruptive players. It’s a collective transformation to unlearn and relearn and give everyone the opportunity to take the initiative and take responsibility. “The Good Company” echoes our organisation and our wish to embark all our employees and take into account the Human factor for a real and deep transformation” says Nicolas, Managing Director.
  • A state-owned company specialising in defence has launched a major transformation plan consulted across its entire international organisation. In concentric circles, the management committee, the management line and then all white collar and blue collar employees have been integrated into the consultation through Colidée in various forums as close to the field as possible, including in the plants. “Launching a transformation on this scale and with this participative state of mind was unprecedented in the company, which is rather rooted in traditions and its long history. Talents were able to reveal themselves and a new energy was found by going into contact with everyone. The consultation with Colidée has the merit of breaking down barriers, reducing the weight of hierarchy and decompartmentalising the organisation. It is a long and arduous but indispensable road to success in the world of tomorrow.” Thierry, Chairman.
  • Our company, specialized in the space sector, and being the result of a merger of the activities of two international groups, we have worked on the integration of processes and cultures in a highly competitive market context on a global scale. In less than 2 years, we have grown from 500 to 8000 people. Our quality management system was put to the test, as were our processes, which cut across all business lines. To speed up the upgrade, consolidate the system and ensure its compliance, we consulted as many players as possible with Colidée, either physically in person (all sites had a temporary consultation area) or remotely. Without this, it would have been impossible for us to meet the deadlines and, above all, to get our staff involved in this subject, which sometimes seems too far from operational, but which is nonetheless essential to our smooth running. ” says André, Chairman. It is also the transformation of the entire backbone of the organization, with the evolution of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), which was carried out with the support of Colidée to bring together the business teams and the publisher’s teams in order to make a success of this large-scale project.
  • Within the organization of another major international aeronautics group, the SAFe agile method has been used in a variety of ways to support the transformation of certain organisations. For example, an emblematic event that brought together 350 German, English, Spanish and French engineers for half a day to design their future in a cross-cultural context. 894 participations were collected on 7 themes ranging from “digital collaboration” to “the act of transformation”, “improving communication”, “roles and responsibilities in the SAFe method”, “process knowledge”, “life in daily work” and “agility with SAFe”.

This PLM Galaxy event has been an incredible adventure that has left an indelible mark on everyone’s mind. It was the first event of its kind, with a large-scale consultation where everyone was able to express themselves and their ideas. Colidée played a central role in being able to collect more than 1,000 entries in record time, with instantaneous translations so that everyone could express themselves in their mother tongue for the most sensitive points, provide real-time trend analysis and then show great transparency in the process undertaken. A good sign of trust that has strengthened the ties. “Antoine, VP in charge of the IT department related to engineering.

Colidée is more than a tool, it is part of a field of human transformation, of awareness of the strength of collective intelligence and a real acculturation to doing things together. Personally, it was a challenge to look deep inside myself for other resources to embody a deep and inevitable change. Learning to unlearn certain conformisms that were built up with the history of the builder. Today, this is an asset even if there is a long way to go in a context that has deteriorated dramatically. Colidée is undoubtedly a unique collaborative platform that has its own “raison d’être” for co-constructing the new world“. Pierre, VP.

  • AWith its integration project “We are One”, an industrial group, also used Colidée to “foster team intimacy while pushing an entrepreneurial culture into a challenger mindset following the acquisition of another company’s business” adds Marc, President of the group.
  • LThe voluntary and regulatory consultations for the 3rd Toulouse metro line, which preceded the public inquiry, were carried out using Colidée. “The entire consultation phase was successfully conducted until our file was validated by the CNDP (National Commission for Public Debate). Colidée ensured that we had an open and continuous dialogue with the citizens. An excellent support that supported the neutral third-party guarantor whilst giving great transparency and easy access. “Jean-Michel, president of the mobility organising authority.
  • Colidée has also been used by universities, schools and colleges to reinvent themselves and federate their teams in a new participative and collaborative dynamic.

Colidée is particularly meaningful for the consulted design of tomorrow’s world. As Gilles Babinet points out in his book “Transformation digitale: l’avènement des plateformes”: “Open innovation in the digital age essentially boils down to massive access to generic ideas and techniques in a simple way, via the Internet, while allowing innovators to exchange in a multipole model, in which the initiative is no longer the leader’s, but the initiative of all the sub-parts of the group“.

And he adds, referring to the transformation of companies: “all of them are stumbling over more or less the same challenge: how to change the very culture of the company, its management mode, its hierarchical system in order to better adapt to the digital revolution. This is not surprising, because the nature of an organization is intrinsically linked to the nature of the people who run it. The vast majority of these people were trained in the twentieth century; their management methods are effective when applied to highly hierarchical companies in which the Taylorist division of labour reigns, and whose models of information exchange were structured at a time when communications were limited to the telephone, fax and, to some extent, information systems. These systems have little in common with those resulting from the digital revolution“.

SSteve Jobs used to say “to create is simply to connect things”, with Colidée we say “to create is simply to connect ideas” in a culture of sharing and associating ideas, often coming from different worlds, and we add that it is the way to live in resonance with oneself, others and the world!

Colidée is more than a digital platform, more than a social network for consultation, more than a new generation social network. Colidée is a means of culturally transforming organisations and territories, a new way of associating skills, a means of bringing out breakthrough innovations for a new world.

It is in the spirit of “The Good Company“, in collective intelligence, in permanent dialogue, by mobilising all talents, with a concerted governance and a singular culture that ETHICS Group has forged the foundations of Colidée.

“Let’s stay connected by ideas and live in resonance”