Our social engagement


Ethics Group participates actively and voluntarily in the socio-economic life of its territory with its know-how. Our commitment is expressed in many ways; in our services, in our cooperation with young companies, in our solidarity and associative actions…
We participate in the life of the city, which we would like to acculture to consultation and participatory approaches in order to establish, on the basis of our history and culture, a new way of functioning turned towards humanity to better act and live together.

ETHICS Biotope

Because young companies represent a new economic and social force, we have created the ETHICS Biotope, an ethical space to make them autonomous and durable and to reveal entrepreneurs who are progressive and united. A real value chain between companies.

ETHICS Group is strongly involved in the startup ecosystem and in relation to the various support schemes for young companies.

Village by CA 31

At the creation of the Village By CA Toulouse, ETHICS Group was an ambassador, taking part in the selection committees, in the mentoring of certain start-ups and in the co-construction of a support system by the partners.
ETHICS Biotope and Village by CA are two complementary systems that work in symbiosis to contribute to the economic and social development of the region.

ETHICS Group has taken up a new challenge in Occitanie, to participate in the Littoral 21 Plan undertaken by the region to bring a new top-of-the-range and qualitative offer to the world of yachting. ETHICS Yachting is both the embodiment of THE GOOD COMPANY and an innovative company in the field of yachting.

ETHICS Yachting

The vocation of ETHICS Yachting is threefold: to offer a high-quality sailing environment, to provide top-of-the-range services for yachtsmen, to ensure a link between sea and land through science, culture, local products and gastronomy.

To live the territory, we must participate fully in its life through networks and other business clubs. ETHICS Group has voluntarily committed itself to various schemes to open them up to the greatest number.

Support and commitment in company clubs

EETHICS Group is an active member of regional clubs such as the Cercle d’Oc, Club Réussir, CMRH and APM

Because emotions are essential to life and because they influence our path to success, ETHICS Group is committed to bringing culture closer to the business world. The life of artists, the demands of their art, their fragility, sometimes their doubts and above all the emotions they offer us, invite us to perceive the world differently. A way to escape our conformisms.

The voice of ETHICS Group

Alexandre GUERRERO, Tenor, has agreed to be the voice of ETHICS Group and to share his life as an artist to carry The Good Company.

The orchestra often appears as the metaphor of an organization set to the nearest millimeter. A collective that shares a common sense and follows a common path. A collective that has broken away from the force of work and listening to others. A disciplined collective that shines only in collective performance… and wins recognition for the level of emotion it has been able to transmit.

The AIDA foundation

Because culture awakens the senses and because we believe in our local riches, we support the AIDA foundation for the patronage of the “Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse”.

Our Partners

Our customers are partners, our suppliers are partners, it is together that we create a value chain to serve people. We grow in a relationship of trust and cooperation where everyone contributes their added value in a spirit of mutual goodwill and respect. Together and in solidarity we are stronger.

Our partners are active in all businesses and are of all sizes because our added value concerns people who want to develop agile and efficient organisations where life is good.




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