The Good Company movement


Our historical way of working is flickering, and the future frame is uncertain. We need new management and governance markers.
Given this, we conceived The Good Company’s 9 fundamentals, launched the movement and highlighted the path to success. Together, let’s rally and amplify this movement.
Let’s participate to the birth of a new way of working for organisations and let’s capitalise on our culture to spread it around.

The 9 fundamentals charter

As our historical way of working flickers and its future shape is uncertain, ETHICS Group launched the movement called “The Good Company” in order to define the new management and governance cornerstones.


Sharing an agile sustainable development strategy

With a true direction in line with the socio-economic environment.
To develop a vision, give meaning and manoeuvre collectively in the short, medium, and long term in a relevant way to ensure the sustainability of The Good Company.


Giving yourself the means to succeed in your strategy

With a taste for challenges.
Allocate the resources necessary to confidently achieve The Good Company’s ethical goals in an ongoing movement and write its history.


Strengthen cooperation with discipline and reciprocity

With a pronounced sense of the collective.
To illuminate the interrelationships between people, the synergy of skills and processes to responsibly create the added value of The Good Company.


Direct management as close to the ground as possible

With an acculturation to the organization’s challenges.
To consult upstream on the future and to decide quickly according to a principle of “subsidiarity” and transversality to ensure the reactivity of The Good Company.


Preserve ethics, values, mutual respect and the collective.

With a strong culture at the heart of the organization.
To develop harmoniously and without prejudice the social relations between all stakeholders, customers, and partners for the balance of The Good Company.


Integrate awareness of results and collective performance

With the desire to continually improve.
Acting naturally and synergistically for the economic efficiency of The Good Company in a perpetual, fluid, and lucid movement.


To be offensive, to innovate and to continually transform oneself

With innovation leadership.
Fostering knowledge sharing, creativity, and innovation by unleashing potential and encouraging initiatives to unleash The Good Company.


Daring to break out of conformism

With an open mind.
Freeing oneself from habits and showing curiosity and diversity, anticipating one’s future and positioning on the markets to transform The Good Company.


Anchoring oneself in the territory and assuming one’s societal responsibilities

With a desire to reach out.
Strengthen involvement and be useful at the heart of its socio-economic environment to integrate The Good Company in society and strengthen its social role.


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