Ethics recrute

Rejoignez-nous !

A trusted platform dedicated
to expression


We deployed a third-place to share ideas, to acculturate and engage, and which can be used by any public cooperation organisation.
A constructive and progressive platform allowing a real change in social relations, via communities for private and public projects. Indeed, we need a space dedicated to expression and collective trust, open to everyone and at any hour.
Colidée allows us to gather for cooperation and co-construction continuously and freely.


The first network of public cooperation

A friendly living space
for every use


The physical living space of our third-place is the Ethics Village. A building where there are no personal desks but only open spaces, discreet, smooth, shared by all for any use.
A building without any physical fences between firms living together, enhancing the synergy of skills and the solidarity.
A building where every partner can come to live and break habits, it could be only for a meeting, for a seminar, an event, a training or even a project. A place where people can meet to liberate themselves of conformism and grow together.

ETHICS Village

An agile and efficient place, a good environment to live in

Digital serving


The third-place is both physical and virtual. It relies on digital tools, the AppY Pack, to make things possible. These tools can easily transform our behaviours. With the AppY Pack.
Cooperating, co-building, public cooperation, collective decision-making and acting together in a progressive way is getting real.
From ten to several thousands of people, it is getting real. The Artificial Intelligence of the AppY Pack allows our collective intelligence to emerge.

AppY Box & Pack

Digital app pack
for groups and organisations animation