The first Third Place of concerted transformation


The physical living space of our third place is the Ethics Village. A building in which there are no named offices but open, discreet, fluid, shared spaces for all uses.
A building where there is no structural partition between the companies that live there, but a synergy of skills and solidarity.
A building in which all the partners can come together to live and escape their habits during a meeting, a seminar, an event, a training course, or a project. A meeting space to escape conformisms and grow together.

ETHICS Village

An agile and efficient place, a good environment to live in

A space of trust and expression


We have deployed a third place for idea-sharing, acculturation and engagement that can be used by all the organizations involved.
A constructive and progressive space where social relations take on another dimension, in in public or private project communities, because we need a space of expression and collective trust accessible to everyone and at all times.
Colidee allows us to make possible what is not possible without it, to come together to cooperate and co-construct continuously and freely.

Colidée, the first social network for concertation


The first social network for concertation

Digital technology at the service of mankind


The third place is both physical and virtual. To make what is not possible without it, it relies on a digital toolkit, the AppY Pack.
Tools that transform our behaviours through their simple use. With the AppY Pack, exchanging, cooperating, co-constructing, consulting, making collective decisions and acting together in a progressive way becomes a reality.
As a group of ten, many tens, hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of people, it becomes possible. The artificial intelligence of the AppY Pack to make our collective intelligence emerge.

AppY Box & Pack

Digital applications package for the animation of groups and organizations