In Novation

Search, innovate always aiming to do better

To innovate is to anticipate, to develop new ideas, to solicit the creativity of the greatest number of people, to escape from all conformism and preconceived ideas. Innovation is a process that goes beyond the boundaries of the organisation and its specialities. Every company must adapt its services/products to the constant changes in the markets. Innovation cannot be decreed. It must be worked on, organised, supported, encouraged and sought. What needs to be created is a favourable context for innovation and initiative. Free up ideas, motivate exchanges, make the most of research time. Participatory innovation processes are a simple guide, an orientation to encourage innovation. The Simplicity Boxes proposed bring the essentials with simplicity to create the dynamic of innovation within the company and beyond its borders. They are aimed at and potentially concern all levels of the organisation and all types of companies in all sectors of activity.


Creation of favourable conditions for the expression of creativity within organisations


Implementation of an innovation process that goes beyond the company’s borders


Deployment of participatory innovation and its management system


Organisation of research work on the company, its management and its place in our society

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